4 Essential Oils Your Grooming Products Should Have

Wahl Wet Goods on a bathroom counter top

Not all men's grooming products are created equal. While the scent is half the allure, the ingredients that help protect a man’s hair and skin are just as important.

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Grooming the Groom: Pre-Wedding Grooming Checklist

Wedding Pictures of man with beard and his wife

There’s one aspect of wedding day prep the groom can’t procrastinate—grooming. Don’t stress; follow these ‘I did’ steps before saying ‘I do.’

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How to Maintain the Perfect Playoff Beard

My team vs. Your team playoff beards

As this year’s contenders advance to the MLB playoffs, Wahl’s team of facial hair experts are here to offer some advice on achieving the lucky playoff beard.

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Five Grooming Essentials Every Guy Needs

Man examines beard in the mirror

On weekdays, it might take two, three, even five alarms just to coax a groggy guy out of bed to prepare for the workday.

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