Secure-Fit Hair Clipper Attachment Guard Set (1/16” to 1”), Metal

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The Secure-Fit Hair Clipper Attachment Guard Set includes genuine attachment guards with an organized storage kit. It is the premium upgrade you need for your home barbering experience. The full set of hair clipper guide combs range in size from 1/16” to 1” with left and right ear attachment guards. These guide combs include a easy to read sizing metal plate and metal attachment clip that provides a secure hold on the clipper blade. They are sturdy and make a big difference in how your hair clipper glides through your hair and can help reduce snagging and pulling. The included organizer conveniently stores all the included hair clipper guards. Each individual clipper guard has its own place in the organizer which means less fumbling around with loose guide combs in a messy drawer. 

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Height in3.69
Depth in6.19
Width in10.75
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  • Hard Storage Case
  • Organization Tray
  • #1/2 (1/16", 1.5mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #1 (1/8", 3mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #1-1/2 (3/16", 4.5mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #2 (1/4", 6mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #3 (3/8", 10mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #4 (1/2", 13mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #5 (5/8", 16mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #6 (3/4", 19mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #7 (7/8", 22mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD
  • #8 (1", 25mm) ATTACHMENT GUARD