Discover the Best Beard for Your Face Shape

The best beard for your face shape

Depending on your face shape, some facial hair styles can be more flattering than others. So, fire up your trimmer and check out these five face shapes and some of the best styles for each.

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Burns, Scrapes, & Bumps, Oh My! Avoid Shaving Mishaps by Following These 6 Steps

Man with bloody kleenex pieces on his face

Pairing the right technique with the right equipment is instrumental to a successful, sexy, painless shave. Follow these 6 steps to help prevent razor burn, razor bumps, and scrapes.

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Avoid Shaving Mishaps by Following These 6 Steps

Shaving on television seems so flawless. The razor glides over stubble leaving nothing but beautiful man face in its tracks.

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Wahl's New Line of Shavers Gets Real on Grooming Fundamentals

Wahl, the No. 1 brand in trimmers and Official Sponsor of Facial Hair, pivots to launch a new line of shavers for today’s guys on the go, in a hurry and in style.

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