High Performance Lithium•Ion Groomer

  • Ultra Close Cutting Diamond-hard Carbon Coated Stainless Steel Blades
  • Flex Foil Shaver  with Long Hair Cutting Bar
  • Precision Detailer for Any Tight Spots



Complete Grooming Kit


Experience grooming like never before with this multi-purpose trimming kit featuring 3 interchangeable heads, Lithium Ion technology, no-slip silicone grip, and other accessories that make facial hair trimming easy.


Multi-Purpose Grooming


Easily trim your beard, nose and eyebrows with one grooming tool.  The Lithium-Ion recharageable battery provides enough power to last through several grooming sessions and it's rinsable to keep your trimmer clean. 



Precision Stainless Steel Blades


Precision Detail Trimmer


Full Size Shaver Head


Lithium-Ion Power


Silicone Grip


Fully Waterproof




Wahl's Black Diamond-Like Coating on Blades Cuts Smoother & Cooler


Not all trimming blades are made equal. Wahl's stainless steel blades are designed for superior cutting performance, taking into consideration material, teeth, and geometry, to give you the best trimming experience possible.  





Looking For A New Beard Style?


You've come to the right place.  We have instructions and videos on how to achieve the most popular mustache, beard, goatee and sideburn styles, and shows you how to maintain your stubble look.








Maintaining Your Beard Trimmer


A high-quality trimmer should last many years, but only if you treat it right.  Luckily, we're hear to help you keep your trimmer around for a good (and long) time