Men's Rake Comb

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Wahl's Rake Comb is the right tool for shaping, styling and grooming your short/medium/long facial hair and any style head hair. Made of a plant derived material, our comb applies oils and protects the skin far better than synthetic materials. Use this comb to massage and penetrate skin the skin beneath the beard and/or hair for healthy skin cell turnover and healthy hair growth. This will help to prevent “beard-druff” (dandruff of the beard) and other irritations from facial hair.
  • Handmade & Handcut Grooming Comb
  • Smooth Rounded Tips Allow for Gentle Stimulation of the Head & Face Hair Follicles
  • Very Durable and Long Lasting
  • Great for Any Style of Beard or Hair
Power Type None
Batteries Required No
Package Weight (lbs) .0953
Package Width (in) 2.42
Package Height (in) 10.54
Package Depth (in) .2
Country of Origin India

Rake Comb