Large Dog Slicker Brush for Debris Removal

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The Wahl® Large Slicker Brush is a sturdy brush that detangles matted fur and removes unwanted loose hair to keep your pet looking good. It has a soft ergonomic no-slip grip that makes it easy to hold and angled stainless steel pins that safely remove shedding hair. It also has a 20% larger head than Wahl's Small Slicker brush making it great for medium to large size dogs. This brush works great on dogs with long hair and double coats.
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  • Designed to remove loose hair and untangle mats
  • Features a soft ergonomic no-slip grip for easy handling
  • Angle Tip Stainless Steel Pins that safely remove shedding hair
  • 20% Larger brush size than Wahl's Small Slicker Brush (858406), great for medium to large size dogs
  • Perfect for long hair and double coated dogs
Power Type None
Batteries Required No
Package Weight (lbs) 0.256
Package Width (in) 4.52
Package Height (in) 8.08
Package Depth (in) 2.26
Country of Origin China

Large Slicker Brush