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Lithium Ion Beard and Body Wet/Dry Trimmer for Use in Shower or Easy Clean Up. Includes: Aqua Blade Wet/Dry Trimmer, Extreme Precision T-Blade, Ear/Nose Trimmer Head, Detail Trimmer Head, Detail Shaver Head, 12 Individual Guide combs, Beard Comb, Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil, Zippered Storage Pouch, Charging Stand, Charger, English/Spanish Instruction/Styling Guide. Gift Box.

  • Extreme Precision Ultra Close Cutting Blade 0.2mm
  • Wet/Dry Trimming & Shaving
  • 12 Individual Guide Combs
  • Detail Trimmer Head
  • Rotary Nose / Ear Head
  • Detail Shaving Head

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Weight: 0.981 pounds
Dimensions: 2.41" x 5.9" x 10.81" (H x W x D)

What's in the box

Power Source
Interchangeable Heads
Detail Shaver Head(#59307)
T-Blade Head(#02144-102)
Rotary Head (#58067-100)
Detail (#59301)
Storage / Travel Pouch
Cleaning Brush
Blade Oil
Beard & Mustache Comb
English / Spanish Instructions
Facial Hair Guide Combs
No. 1 - 1/8" Guide
No. 1/2 - 1/16" Guide
No. 2 - 3/16" Guide
No. 3 - 5/16" Guide
Haircutting Guide Combs
T-Blade 1/8" Guide
T-Blade 1/4" Guide
T-Blade 3/8" Guide
T-Blade 1/2" Guide
T-Blade 5/8" Guide
T-Blade 3/4" Guide
T-Blade 7/8" Guide
T-Blade 1" Guide

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