January 07, 2015

Wahl Reveals Best Facial Hair In the Country

STERLING, Ill. (Jan. 7, 2015) – After traveling to the Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America, and scouring through hundreds of contest entries, 12 men ‘made the cut’ as finalists in Wahl’s annual Man of the Year Contest. Pittsburgh was number 20 on the list of facial hair friendly cities, but one of its bearded locals rose to the top in this national facial hair face-off – Conor Barrett prevailed with the coveted title of Wahl Man of the Year. As the next Wahl Man of the Year Barrett wins a $1,000 Grand Prize; in addition, he will reign supreme throughout 2015 and will be featured in a national advertisement.

“Every year we go on a quest to find real guys with a real passion for great facial hair,” said Steven Yde, marketing director for Wahl. “This contest is a way for us to celebrate men who not only make facial fuzz a part of their life — they make it look good. Conor is a great example of this and we’re proud to have him represent Wahl.”

Barrett, who has had facial hair ever since he could grow it, says it’s his most recognizable feature. “My beard is a conversation piece. Random people will compliment me; it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day,” he explains. “We see so many faces every day and forget them, but people are more likely to remember me because my beard is a unique trait.”

According to Barrett, his beard has also added to his philosophy on life. “My beard is always growing and changing — it’s a reminder for me to do the same.”

What is the Wahl Man of the Year Contest?

Dubbed the ultimate ‘mane’ event, the Wahl Man of the Year Contest kicks off when Wahl embarks on their annual Face the Day Tour. The journey involves a 30-foot mobile barbershop and a team of Master Barbers going city to city giving guys free trims and grooming advice. This year, style defining delegates were chosen at each of the eleven tour stops, and one was chosen from online entries. These 12 finalists each won $500 and a Lithium Ion + Stainless Steel Trimmer, but only one demonstrated facial hair excellence above all others. Voting on the Wahl Grooming Facebook page helped determine Barrett as the overall winner.

For more information about the contest or to see this year’s finalists, visit For a robust selection of facial hair styles and how-to instructions, check out Wahl’s facial hair gallery and tips from the experts. You can also connect with Wahl on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

About Wahl Grooming
A quarter-century ago, Wahl recognized the need for an easier way to keep facial hair well groomed and created the men’s trimmer category. The Wahl Groomsman was the world’s first battery-powered facial hair trimmer, and featured the same high-quality, precision blade technology that had defined the brand since it began in 1919. Today, Wahl offers a complete line of facial hair trimmers that features the latest in power and convenience, continuing the company’s legacy of superior trimming innovation. For more information, visit