March 06, 2015

Wahl Helps Millions of Guys Answer Eternal Question — Cut or Comb?

STERLING, Ill. (March 6, 2015) – For many men, there comes a time when he has to decide—do I continue to comb my thinning or balding hair or is it time to cut it short? According to a recent study commissioned by Wahl Clippers, hair loss affects nearly half of all men at some point in their lifetime. To help guys determine when and how to deal with hair loss, the company has launched Cut or Comb?, an interactive guide to dealing with hair loss in style. The new tool takes guys through a series of questions, ultimately arriving at the style that’s right for them.

“Guys need to know that there are options when the hair on top of their head begins to thin,” said Steven Yde, director of marketing for Wahl. “As a leader in men’s grooming, Wahl helps guys find and achieve the style that’s right for them, no matter their circumstance. Through Cut or Comb?, we want to help the millions of guys experiencing hair loss find a solution to what may feel like a losing battle.”

Hair loss and to what degree can vary. However, according to recent research conducted by Wahl, 29 percent of men are partially or fully balding, while 18 percent of men have thinning hair. This means that 47 percent of guys are in need of resources and style solutions.

No matter where hair loss occurs, Wahl’s Cut or Comb? guide is designed to help guys navigate their situation by asking tough questions—where hair loss occurs, how much and relationship status (with their hair). Answers to the questions take participants to a series of recommended styles, which include:

  • Side Part – Keeping hair longer can allow guys to sweep over areas of concern.
  • Buzz Cut – Uniform lengths can help mask any bald spots.
  • Close Cut – An option that leaves just enough on top to keep things interesting.

Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve these recommended styles can be found at The online gallery features a variety of styles, each offering grooming tips and tutorials. Recommended products for achieving these looks include Wahl’s new Elite Pro Clipper. The latest in home haircutting, the Elite Pro is the most powerful of its kind, delivering snag-free performance and fast, precise and uncompromised haircutting thanks to premium stainless steel reinforced guide combs and patented blade design. 

Click here to view the entire infographic. To take the Cut or Comb quiz and find recommended hair styles, visit, and find recommended hair styles.  For the latest updates on grooming, connect with Wahl on FacebookTwitterand YouTube

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