Second Class Inducted into the Mustache Hall of Fame

Hall of fame

Wahl, the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair teamed up with the American Mustache Institute (AMI) to unveil the second class of inductees to the Hall of Fame. The Hall celebrates the long-standing rugged attractiveness of people who sport mustaches and works to combat the discrimination of those who embrace the lifestyle of facial hair. 

The Hall features mustache luminaries ranging from U.S. President Chester A. Arthur to noted world-class actor Carl Weathers, best known for his work as Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. 

  • Politics & Leadership - Chester A. Arthur 
  • Historical Figures - Wyatt Earp
  • Film & Television - Carl Weathers
  • Sports - Steve Prefontaine
  • Music & Arts - “Weird” Al Yankovic
  • Animation - Mario & Luigi

You can find most of these dignitaries sporting the ever so popular Chevron and Pyramid-style mustaches. For more popular facial hair looks and trends visit our gallery of facial hair styles

Watch footage from the press conference as the second class is inducted into the International Mustache Hall of fame here.

Enshrinement into the Hall follows a deeply scientific process overseen through a partnership among the Dept. of Nuclear Mustacheology at the American Mustache Institute, the German-based Bertelsmann Foundation, the British-based Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, and Wahl Trimmers, the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair and inventor of arguably the most significant invention to mankind, the consumer electric trimmer.

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