Pain is Number One Reason for Abandoned Fitness Goals, Wahl Offers Solutions to This Obstacle

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STERLING, Ill. (Sept. 8, 2022) – We’ve all been there, taking that first step toward a regular workout regimen. And while our intentions start out strong, nearly 70% of us will abandon the effort. In fact, pain or muscle fatigue is the most common reason for stopping a fitness routine according to new research commissioned by therapeutic at-home massager manufacturer Wahl. So, in honor of September being National Pain Awareness Month the company is offering solutions for people struggling to maintain their fitness goals.


Hand-Held Massagers Offer Natural Pain Relief


Sixty nine percent of people report that pain or muscle fatigue has affected their ability to exercise, and beyond working out, more than half say that pain has negatively affected their overall quality of life. While research found that most people are reaching for medications to treat their pain, Wahl wants them to know that at-home massage tools are an effective, convenient and affordable pain-relief option as well.


Massage therapy relieves muscle tension by enhancing blood flow, which causes muscles to relax. In addition to relieving tension, massage can help reduce pain, decrease swelling and improve blood circulation to promote the healing of soft-tissue damage and muscle fatigue. These benefits can be achieved with a hand-held massager; for example, the Wahl Cordless Percussion Massager uses high-penetration massage to attack muscle tension below the surface and can treat large muscle groups or pin-pointed problem areas through a combination of interchangeable heads and variable intensity control. One of the biggest advantages of incorporating at-home massage into your daily routine is that it can help you maintain your fitness goals long-term.


Wahl ‘Fall into Fitness’ Sweepstakes Can Get Your Workout Back on Track


Another option to help you maintain a fitness routine is the Wahl ‘Fall into Fitness’ Sweepstakes. The purpose of this social media effort is to inspire and motivate individuals to set – and achieve – a fitness goal. The sweepstakes encourages health and wellness by awarding three lucky winners with a Wahl Cordless Percussion Massager, a branded workout towel and water bottle, and one year of gym membership fees, valued at $1,500. To enter, visit by Sept. 30, 2022, and submit your contact information, a personal fitness goal and follow Wahl Wellness on Instagram.


To learn more about pain management tips and tools visit or follow @WahlWellness on Instagram and Facebook.


The foregoing is not intended to replace any guidance from your own treating physician.


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Editor’s Note: The methodology of the research involved an online survey conducted within the United States by Hoffman York on behalf of Wahl Clipper Corporation from Aug. 12-15, 2022. Survey results based on responses from 1,002 adults ranging in age from 18 to 64 years old, and a nearly equal mix of men and women.


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