New Dog Nail Grinders from Wahl Ease Dreaded Grooming Task

New Dog Nail Grinders from Wahl Ease Dreaded Grooming Task

STERLING, Ill. (May 3, 2022) – Perhaps no other grooming activity is more dreaded than cutting your dog’s nails. The task seems simple enough, but one misplaced snip can leave your dog reluctant to allow you near their paws again. As a grooming category leader, and an advocate for dogs and dog owners everywhere, Wahl is excited to lessen the margin for error with the introduction of two new dog nail grinders.


“Trimming nails is important for the health of your pup and to keep them from scratching your floor and furniture,” said Chris Hubbuch, senior product manager for Wahl. “For years we’ve heard from pet parents worried about hurting their dog, so we’re thrilled to offer them a product that should ease their anxiety.”


The Grind & Smooth is a battery-operated grinder, while the Grind, Trim, Smooth is a rechargeable grinder. Both items share the following attributes:

  • Exclusive Grinding Stone with Nail Rounding Top –This Wahl exclusive grinding stone allows pet owners to round off the tips of the nails, eliminating any sharp edges.
  • Speed Control – With two speed options, you can move at the pace you’re most comfortable.
  • Cordless Ease-of-Use – Trim your dog’s nails wherever, conveniently.
  • High Torque, Ultra-Quiet Motor – Two times greater stall force, ensures even the toughest nails grind quick and easy. And the ultra-quiet motor means no spooking your pet.
  • Ergonomic Soft Grip – A soft no-slip grip makes it easier to hold tight for precision.


The Grind & Smooth has a MSRP of $29.99, and the Grind, Trim, Smooth has a MSRP of $39.99. For more information on Wahl’s complete line of pet products, including grooming tips, visit, or follow @WahlPets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


About Wahl Pet Products

Wahl offers a full line of pet grooming solutions that make grooming from home safe, easy and enjoyable. The line includes hygiene products, clippers and accessories. Every year, Wahl is also dedicated to giving shelter animals a fresh start by donating pet grooming products to support adoption efforts and shelters devastated by natural disasters. For more information, visit


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