Hair Clipper Category Leader Wahl, Sets the Standard Again with Revolutionary Attachment Guards

Attachment guards

STERLING, Ill. (March 2, 2019) – You may think the company that conceived the first practical electric hair clipper 100 years ago, and currently manufactures nine of the top ten selling hair clippers in the country, has the category all figured out. This may be true, but Wahl’s steadfast position as the hair clipper category leader is only because of its commitment to continual product improvements. A perfect example of this is Wahl’s new Smooth Cut attachment guards.

“Growth and innovation doesn’t come from resting on your laurels,” said Steven Yde, division vice president for Wahl. “That’s why Wahl is continually investing in ways to improve its products and the consumer’s experience. The company’s commitment is particularly evident in the three years of development it took to create the new Smooth Cut attachment guards.”

What’s new about the attachment guards?

Optimized to increase durability and strength, the guards’ material has been upgraded to an engineering grade polymer. The thickness of the guard’s teeth has also increased for even more sturdiness. It also boasts SECURE-FIT, which is a bigger attachment clip and allows for a more secure bond to the blade.

How do the new attachment guards benefit the user?

Most clippers are purchased by men — guys who take pride in cutting their own hair. These DIY men know the quality of their tools adds to a job well done, and the Smooth Cut attachment guards have the extra edge these men are looking for. The following design improvements create a synergy for an overall better hair cutting experience:

  • Superior Comfort – A larger radius on the guard tips, a higher-gloss finish that glides through hair and an adjusted angle on the tooth to alleviate pokes while cutting, all help ensure a more comfortable experience.
  • Greater Control – Shorter teeth on the guard provide better cutting visibility. In addition, new geometry, or the angle of the teeth, was optimized for the best maneuverability. All this results in helping to achieve goof-proof cuts.
  • Enhanced Ease-of-Use – The chance of grabbing the wrong guard is now lower as the numbers are clearly visible as large see-through cutouts. What’s more, a larger thumb grip tab allows for easier attachment and removal.

The Smooth Cut attachment guards are rolling out now and should be available on all Wahl clippers the second quarter of 2019. More information on Wahl grooming tools can be found at Retailers interested in more information about Wahl products should call (815) 625-6525.

About WAHL Grooming
Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Wahl continues to help men look and feel their best with innovative products manufactured to define and elevate the men’s grooming category. The company set the standard with the first-ever practical electric hair clipper in 1919, and later strengthened its leadership with the world’s first battery-powered facial hair trimmer. Wahl crosses its centennial milestone by introducing a complete line of personal care products including a beard oil, shampoo, and body wash. It’s this continued commitment to excellence that has solidified Wahl’s place as the world’s go-to brand for men’s grooming solutions. For more information, visit


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