Wahl electric shaver.

What Kind of Shaver Should I Use?

Wahl has a wide variety of shavers for every face and need. What kind of shaver is best? This depends on your preferences. Check out this quick guide to choosing the best electric shaver.

How to Pick the Best Shaver for You

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    Do you prefer shaving a wet face or dry face?

    Some guys like using their shaver with water or shaving cream (or shaving foam or shaving gel). Although Wahl shavers also deliver a close shave to a dry face, most Wahl shavers are versatile wet/dry shavers.

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    What kind of shaver head do you prefer?

    Shavers with circular or rotary heads can be difficult to achieve straight cutting lines and may result in an uneven shave. As a standard, Wahl shavers have long cutter bars, which help provide a straight shave and a more efficient shave. Cutter bars also produce a quicker shave.

    However, if you prefer a rotary head, you can get a rotary attachment for your Wahl shaver. This way you still get the power of a Wahl shaver.

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    Do you prefer a battery or rechargable shaver?

    Some shavers require batteries or regular charging, meaning they can die in the middle of a shave. Go for a powerful lithium ion shaver that can last months without a recharge, even with regular use.

    When a quick shave is needed, keep in mind that many Wahl shavers can be used after only a 1-minute quick charge.

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    Make sure the shaver is comfortable to hold and use.

    Get a comfortable, ergonomic design that fits snuggly in your hand. Not only does this make shaving easier because the shaver isn't uncomfortable to hold, but also reduce the risk of dropping and breaking your shaving device/machine.

    Wahl shavers are designed to fit into your hand comfortably. Wahl's LifeProof shaver is even safe to drop because of its shock-resistant housing case.

What to use

Need help deciding what you need?

Wahl shavers are engineered to provide a fast, clean and close shave, leaving your skin smooth and free of irritation.

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