Someone cleaning out a cat's ears.

How to Care for Your Cat's Eyes & Ears

Just like a human, a cat’s eyes and ears are very important and can suffer from infection if not carefully managed. Regular ear care is often an overlooked area of a cat’s health. Many people are afraid to clean their cat’s ears. When overlooked, cats need to visit the vet for serious infections or mite infestations that could have been treated easily if caught sooner.

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Caring for Your Cat's Eyes & Ears Step-by-Step

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    Start by examining your cat’s ears for foreign objects. If you identify something out of the norm, contact your vet. If everything is clear, move onto step 2.

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    Moisten cotton ball or wash cloth with mineral oil, olive oil or witch hazel and gently wipe the inside of ears. Cotton swabs are not recommended. Never insert anything into the cat’s ear canal.

  • 3

    Use blunt scissors or approved trimmer to trim excess hair within ear. (For long-haired cats) Always stay clear of the ear canal. If your cat sprouts hair from the ear canal, tweezers will be required for plucking to prevent matting and tangles. Ask your vet whether this is necessary for your cat.

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    Wipe away dried matter from the corners of the eyes using a moistened cotton ball or gentle cloth (do likewise for tear stains under eyes).

  • 5

    Use blunt scissors or approved trimmer to trim excess hair obscuring eye’s line of vision (for long-haired cats).