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How to Use Massage to Relieve Headaches & Migraines

Massagers can help provide relief or recession of headaches and migraines by reducing tension in tightened head, neck and shoulder muscles.

Alleviating Headaches with Massage

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    With the exception of colds, headaches are the most frequent human ailment. Some people even suffer from migraines, which can leave them debilitated for hours by excruciating throbbing, nausea and/or hypersensitivity to stimuli.

    Massagers can be effective in the relief or recession of headaches and migraines. They reduce tension of tightened muscles in the head, neck and shoulders. This also improves blood flow to the brain and scalp.

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    Massage therapy to relieve your headache:

    You can use your hands or a massager with attachments specifically designed for facial or head massage.

    Start by placing your thumbs or attachment on your cheekbones close to your ears, and gently apply pressure and rub the temples. You can also massager your shoulders and neck to relieve tension there that can cause your headaches.

What to use

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Where you hurt and why you’re hurting are two key factors in deciding which massager is best for your specific pain relief.

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