A man cutting the hair on the back of his head with a Wahl clipper.

Sections of the Head for Haircuts

There are a some specific sections of the head when it comes to haircutting, but Wahl focuses on the main 4 sections that you need to know to get the job done well when cutting your own hair. 

The Four Sections of the Head for Haircutting

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    Our haircut videos and how-to articles reference different sections of the head for haircutting. The video above and the head diagram infographic below identify the four key sections. They are:

    Section 1: Back of the neck. (Sometimes refered to as the nape.)

    Section 2: Under the rim of the head. (Sometimes refered to as under the crown.)

    Section 3: Rim of the head. (Sometimes refered to as the crown.)

    Section 4: Top of the head.

    Infographic showing the sections of the head for cutting your own hair.

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