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Top 3 Men’s Hairstyles Women Like Best

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What Your Hairstyle Says About You
(According to Surveyed Women)

What do women want? It’s just one of those questions that doesn’t have a simple nor consistent answer. You might find yourself asking Google, Siri, Alexa or perhaps even your lady friends.

Good news, we have asked the ladies for you. Consider the work done, the awkward questions asked. Okay, so we don’t have all the answers but we do have one very important one. What your haircut says about you infographic.

Wahl surveyed 1,029 women between the ages of 18 and 54 using an online panel to determine which men’s hairstyles they like best and what those styles say about the dudes who sport them. Below are the results, along with instructions on how to achieve these cuts using the Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper.

The Side Part: Preferred by 27% of Women

Traits associated with this style: Handsome, Fashionable, Successful

A sophisticated, classic cut that looks great on guys young and old, the side part won the #1 spot according to our research. The side part requires a bit of maintenance, a good pomade to keep that sweep in place and a touch-up every two weeks or so.

How to do the side part:

  1. Start by getting your hair damp. Comb the hair forward to see which way the hair parts naturally.
  2. Begin with a #3 or #4 guard—you can always go shorter if you prefer. Start cutting in front of the ear and work your way around the head using an upward rocking motion. Use this guard all around the head up and around two inches above the ear, right where the head curves without cutting the top portion.
  3. Using one guard longer (#5 or #6), cut the next section of hair to just below the top of the head using an upward rocking motion.
  4. Using the clipper-over-finger technique, cut the longer section on top, making sure to cut the bangs last.
  5. Without clipping above the part, blend the two lengths until desired using a longer guard.
  6. Using the inverted clipper technique, clean up the lines on the back of the neck and around the ears.
  7. Comb the bangs to the desired side and use a nice pomade to create that polished look.

The Textured Cut: Preferred by 26% of Women

Traits associated with this look: Fashionable, Handsome, Approachable

In a close second with the ladies, the textured cut is a classic with just the right amount of mess. It involves shorter sides and back with a little fluffy, tousle-able texture on the top. The textured cut is similar to the side part but does not require the hair to be parted. The textured cut is compatible with most head and face shapes.

How to do the textured cut:

  1. Start by combing the hair forward while it is still damp.
  2. Attach a #3 guard and begin cutting in front of the ears using an upward rocking motion. Work your way around the sides and back of the head, blending the sections as you go.
  3. Use the clipper-over-fingers technique to cut the top of the head to the desired length, cutting the bangs last.
  4. Use a #5 guard to blend the shorter sides with the longer top section. This avoids a clear line between the sections. By cutting the top section at a slightly different length, you’re able to create more texture.
  5. Using an inverted clipper technique , clean up the lines around the ears and the back of the neck .
  6. If you are electing to use product, work some pomade into your hands and tousle the hair until you are happy with the look.

The High & Tight: Preferred by 24% of Women

Traits associated with this style: Ambitious, Successful, Manly

The high and tight is a common cut for those in the military—and more recently, civilian men, as well. It consists of a strip of longer hair on the top of the head with the sides and back buzzed or just very short.

How to do the high & tight:

  1. Begin this at-home haircut with hair slightly damp.
  2. Attach guard #1 or #2 and buzz the entire head at this length using an upward rocking motion. If this is your first rodeo (okay, at-home haircut) try starting with #3 or #4. Using guards can help prevent mistakes. You can always choose to go shorter later!
  3. Next, attach a #½ (1/16”) guard and begin cutting from the bottom up on the sides and the back of the head. Be careful when approaching the top strip of hair; this should remain longer to achieve the high and tight. Work your way around the head slowly making sure to take extra precaution to avoid any bumps in the scalp.
  4. Use the inverted clipper technique to clean up the back of the neck and the area around the ears.
  5. The high & tight will require a trim every two to three weeks.

It isn’t all about the haircut but about the guy sporting it. If that guy is looking for a new look, these three styles are a great place to start. Other styles included in our survey were the buzz cut, the Ivy League, bald, and the slick back.

Wahl’s full line of grooming tools and products can help today’s guy achieve any hairstyle at home. Click here to shop Wahl clippers, trimmers, shavers and beard & hair care products .

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