Full Goatee with Mustache

Full Goatee with Mustache

With many men, the fuller the goatee, the greater the look. The Full Goatee Mustache takes a regular goatee to another level with fuller hair at the chin that extends up and around the mouth.

Make it Yours

  • 1

    With your Wahl® trimmer, trim your cheeks and neck clean.

  • 2

    Let hair from the bottom of the chin up to and around the mouth grow for two to three weeks.

  • 3

    Feel free to let whiskers on the chin grow fuller without being uneven.

  • 4

    For it to look its best, there should be bare spots around the mouth.

  • 5

    Always make sure to maintain areas that are meant to be clean-shaven.

What to use

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Wahl offers trimmers and grooming kits that let you achieve the look you want and keep it looking great.

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