Goatee Styles

From the Anchor to the Zappa, these goatee styles prove that it’s not necessary to have a full-on beard or sideburns to add character to a face. Wahl trimmers let you show off your grooming skills when you opt for one of these chin beard looks.

Chin Puff

The Chin Puff takes the Landing Strip to the next level, starting at the lower lip and extending down past the chin.


The Sparrow combines the mustache, Soul Patch and Goatee for a swashbuckling look.

Landing Strip

The Landing Strip is similar to the Soul Patch but with the hair connecting the bottom lip to the chin.

Boxed Beard

The Boxed Beard provides a defined frame of facial hair around the mouth.


Combine a mustache with a little chin hair and you have the Hipster.

Full Goatee with Mustache

Full Goatee with Mustache

The Full Goatee with Mustache takes a regular Goatee to the next level with fuller hair at the chin and around the mouth.

Musketeer Beard

The Musketeer Beard defines the upper lip and chin, and it’s easy to maintain.



With a large, squared-off Soul Patch and a thick, angular mustache, the Zappa can really rock your look.

Door Knocker Beard

The Door Knocker Beard is easy and masculine, drawing elements from the Horseshoe, Goatee and Soul Patch.

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke Beard brings out character in the face and the man.

Horseshoe Mustache

The Horseshoe Mustache extends from the top lip to the jawline and is ideal for men with round or angular faces.


The Goatee is the foundation for many styles but looks good on its own, as well.

Soul Patch

The Soul Patch is subtle and cool, and it doesn’t take much to grow or maintain.

Boxed Knocker Goatee

The Boxed Knocker Goatee is a variation of the Door Knocker and opens up more of the face.

Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard is shaped like an anchor but it’s never going to hold you down.