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Most Dynamic Mustaches in History Come to Life

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The debate over history’s most dynamic mustaches of all time can finally be put to rest, at least for the next year…

The long-anticipated inaugural class of the first-ever International Mustache Hall of Fame was revealed via a press conference in Pittsburgh City Hall on March 9. Honorees included mustache luminaries Tom Selleck, Dr. Martin Luther King, Salvador Dali, President Theodore Roosevelt and Rollie Fingers. 

An endeavor of Wahl, the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair, and the American Mustache Institute, to canonize the superior attractiveness of people of facial hair, the The Hall celebrates the long-standing rugged attractiveness of the global people of mustache. 

The inaugural class of 27 inductees – a full list of which can be found at – features facial hair greats from categories including Politics & Leadership (Taft), Historical Figures (George Washington Carver), Film & Television (Burt Reynolds), Sports (Hulk Hogan), Music & Arts (John Oates) and Animated (Yosemite Sam). 

While the International Mustache Hall of Fame will initially be virtual, a search for a physical location is underway in Pittsburgh in partnership with city officials.  

Enshrinement into the Hall follows a deeply scientific process overseen through a partnership between the Dept. of Nuclear Mustacheology at the American Mustache Institute, the German-based Bertelsmann Foundation, the British-based Science and Technology Policy Research Institute and Wahl Trimmers, the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair and inventor of arguably the most significant invention to mankind, the electric trimmer. Nominations for the 2nd class will begin in late Summer 2015. 

Check out the Mustache Hall of Fame in all its glory at  

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